A fast and versatile algorithm that searches for potential off-target sites of Cas9 RNA-guided endonucleases.

PAM Type

CRISPR/Cas-derived RNA-guided Endonucleases (RGENs)

Target Genome

Organism Type



Send request for a new organism.

Please specify how to download the reference genome 2bit or FASTA files of the organism.

Query Sequences

Please write crRNA sequences without PAM sequences (e.g. without NGG for SpCas9).
The length of each query sequence should be between 15 and 25 nt, and all be the same length!

Please note that large number of bulge size will significantly increase the calculation time!

Mixed bases are allowed.

The count of query sequence must be less than 1000.

(In case of NNN and NRN PAM, must be less than 10.)

(eq or less than)

(eq or less than)

(eq or less than)