You can also download standalone version of Cas-Designer!

To download and run Cas-Designer, please follow below instructions.


Cas-Designer requires the following:

NOTE: It is reported that Cas-OFFinder sometimes hangs with certain version of AMD driver due to unknown reason. If you experience this issue, then please try older version of Cas-OFFinder, or use Cas-OFFinder on the system with GPUs/accelerators of other vendors. We are currently examining this issue, and we will release revised version of Cas-OFFinder as soon as we fix it.

STEP 2 - Download and Install

Please download the standalone Cas-Designer script from here. Put it anywhere you want.

In order to run Cas-Designer properly, Cas-OFFinder and Cas-OFFinder bulge should be accssible from anywhere. In order to do that, you need to add the path of both Cas-OFFinder binary and Cas-OFFinder bulge script in PATH environment variable.

How to set PATH (on Linux or Unix):

How to set PATH (on Windows):

STEP 3 - Usage

Basic Usage:

In order to run Cas-Designer easily, you should create a configuration file.

Example (SpCas9, mismatch number 5, DNA bulge size 2, RNA bulge size 2):


Finally on command-line, you can run Cas-Designer script like below.

$ python cas-designer {config_file_path}