A JavaScript-based instant assessment tool for high-throughput sequencing data for genome edited cells.

Thanks to the improvements in the newest JavaScript engines in the most recent web browsers, the JavaScript based internal algorithm of Cas-Analyzer completely runs on the client-side so that large amounts of sequencing data do not need to be uploaded to the server. Currently, Cas-Analyzer supports various single nucleases (SpCas9, StCas9, NmCas9, SaCas9, CjCas9, and AsCpf1/LbCpf1) and paired nucleases (ZFNs, TALENs, Cas9 nickases, and dCas9-FokI nucleases).

Citation info: Park J. et al. Cas-Analyzer: an online tool for assessing genome editing results using NGS data. Bioinformatics 33, 286-288 (2017).

For the ones who would like to clarify the errors derived from DNA polymerase during PCR or sequencing process, comparison of treated sample and negative control (e.g. untreated sample) is recommended.

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